About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing with Interaction Dynamics, a small private practice in Chicago, IL.  I completed my doctorate at the Adler School of Professional Psychology (now Adler University) in Chicago.  I have experience working in a variety of settings including schools, community mental health, hospitals, chemical dependency treatment, and private practice. Here is more information on my approach to treatment.

Check out the pages on this website for information on the services I provide.  In addition to helping you learn new skills and strategies for navigating the stresses of life, I enjoy finding ways to help you use the strengths, assets, and resources you already bring to the table. We human beings are stronger, braver, and more determined to find meaning in life than we might realize. It is my goal to connect with you in service of finding what works best for you. I’m not interested in imposing my own (or anyone else’s) agenda for how you “should” be living your life.  Feel free to check out my Psychology Today profile or other areas of this website for more information on my approach and specialties.  You also will find more about Interaction Dynamics and our services as http://www.idpsych.com

If you are interested in setting up an initial appointment, please contact me by e-mail: drpaulafreedman@gmail.com


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