Body Image Resilience Course

The Beauty Redefined Body Image Resilience Program is a research-backed, in-depth online course developed by Lindsay and Lexie Kite, Ph.D. It guides participants through the journey of developing positive body image in manageable steps. The course is based on their theoretical model for body image resilience in girls and women, and it incorporates surveys, challenges, reflections, and online group discussion boards. This rigorously tested online program has been utilized by hundreds of girls and women with life-changing results.

This course will teach you to:

  • Recognize harmful messages in media and culture about female bodies; 
  • Reflect on the ways those ideals have impacted your life;
  • Redefine the ways you think about beauty, health and individual worth; and
  • Develop resilience through your own path that utilizes four sources of power.

Benefits of the course:

  • Based on scientific research with hundreds of girls and women, who learned to successfully recognize, reject, and resist harmful messages and beliefs, and develop resilience around these topics
  • You can engage in the lessons through the format you prefer—text-based or video based if you are a visual learner, and audio-based if you are an auditory learner
  • You can go at your own pace, taking breaks as needed or revisiting modules if you want to refresh yourself on a particular topic. You have 16 weeks (4 months!) of access to the material.
  • You can work through at your convenience, any time of day or night. Coaching calls and group sessions are scheduled, but individual coaching calls are flexible and do not have to take place at the same time every week.

Benefits of the coaching:

There are significant benefits to having a professional guiding you through the course along the way. This stuff is intense, and it can be hard to process on your own. Having professional guidance will allow you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings more easily, and connect the dots to patterns and habits from your past. As a professional, I can also teach you practical tools, skills, and strategies for managing difficult thoughts and feelings as they come up in everyday life around food, media messages, body scrutiny, and comments from other people. I have several years of experience in mental and behavioral health and have worked with a variety of people struggling with these issues, so I am equipped to help you make meaning from this curriculum and thrive.

I’ll also hold you accountable for completing the material, since it’s easy to get sidetracked by your busy life and prioritize other things when deep down, you really do want to be addressing your body image. I am here to help and support you, not discipline you, and you will never be shamed for struggling with any of this or for neglecting to complete any part of the work. We will work together to understand and overcome the obstacles that may arise as you learn a new way of being in your body and your life.



Please note that my coaching services are separate from clinical therapy services. Coaching does not constitute therapy, though we will work to ensure our calls and sessions are confidential. I do not accept insurance for these services. I accept payment via cash, check, or credit/ debit card.